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Utformningen och ljussättningen på Grand Basel står i en helt egen klass jämfört med andra bilmässor. De speciella montrarna, som ska flytta med mässan runt om i världen, gör att bilarna ramas in på en mycket smakfullt vis. I mitten på bilden en Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante, en bilmodell James Bond körde i filmen “The Living Daylights” fast då inte som kabriolettversion. Som kabriolett byggdes endast 192 exemplar och det gör den extremt värdefull.
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Piet VD Merwe - a geniune servant of conservation; charming, knowledgable and a warming sense of humor.
Photographer, Writer
I started my true photo career with skateboarding. My friend and I liked to take pictures of each other doing tricks. Before I knew it, I was working with Swedish skateboard magazines. After a couple of years in art and photography schools, I established my company, James Holm Fotograf.
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Klaus Thymann is an award-winning photographer and film-maker, he works across media and delivers stories and content to The New York Times, The Guardian, CNN and others. 
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A photographer, husband, father, vinyl junkie and wannabe DJ. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. Work all around the country and as far abroad as my work takes me. Over the years I've photographed people, places, food, wildlife. I really enjoy portraiture, as this is the type of photography that challenges both the subject and the creative to create a result that each can take equal ownership of. 
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