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Submission Guidelines

If you're interested in contributing to ENLIVEN, you may find the following submission guidelines useful throughout your application process.

Enliven will launch in Summer 2017 and are looking for high-caliber contributors who want to join early and be part of forming our future.


Our primary target group is:

What Are We Looking For?

Enliven aims to offer creativity and storytelling front and center:

We are interested in pitches for engaging pieces in a variety of editorial formats including, but not limited to, articles, “look books”, columns, Q and A-style interviews, think pieces, list posts, reaction pieces and reviews. Text should fall in the 150-2000 word range identifiable as “lifestyle topics”.

Please note that ENLIVEN accepts all quality works, even those that may have been previously published in any venue elsewhere. This includes also all forms of digital self-publishing.

However, note that all articles published on ENLIVEN will go through our editing process to ensure that published material meets our highly set standards.

What Are We Not Looking For?

Please send us clear, thoroughly outlined pitches on specific topics which you are passionate about and would like to contribute within. If you are not already registered, please do so here.

We do not accept work that:

If you are a consumer brand with a project or editorial articles that you think our readers will appreciate, please contact our sales team to discuss possible collaborations.

Tips For Successful Pitch Proposals

Tell us a bit about yourself, your topic, and your previous experience. The best proposals will also answer the following questions:

How To Submit

Please register to be able to submit pitches or finished articles. Once you’ve registered there, you can use the same Enliven platform to communicate with our editors, check the status of your submission, etc.

We may not be able to respond to your pitch immediately, but if we are able to accommodate extra content and your proposed article sounds like a good fit, we will try to do so within one week.

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to respond to every submission, but we always appreciate your effort and may follow up on individual pitches at a later date.

A note on editing: We may request rewrites before publishing your article. We will not make significant changes to an article’s content without permission, but please be aware that we may lightly edit your post for grammar, spelling, and general clarity, and/or change the title. We may also add in relevant links and images.