Tyge & Sessil vincafé.

Tyge & Sessil vincafé.

Your Short but Sweet Beverage Guide to Stockholm this Summer

Where to drink what on hot summer days and nights.

Omnipollos Hatt.

Omnipollos Hatt.

Ambar wine bar.

Ambar wine bar.

We all need to sustain a certain amount of fluids in our body to feel good, whether it’s water, coffee or other interesting beverages. This is a short guide to where you get the best of what’s what.


The coffee revolution came slowly but surely to Sweden, as we are coffee-loving people, pretty set in our way of drinking it: preferably strong and not very fancy. The most common coffee joke in Sweden tells about the woman who goes abroad and brings her own Swedish coffee - that gives you a hint. Let me introduce you to some of my favorite places...


For a classic Italian espresso. You find them on Sveavägen, where you will also get the real feeling with the old Italian cabdrivers hanging out on their brake.

Drop Coffee

For the nouveau trendy hipster coffee, right on Södermalm. Drop Coffee was part of the first wave of coffee nerdiness to really hit Stockholm and has stayed on point. It doesn't get any better and still they also do excellent cold brews.

The Mega Café

A newcomer on the scene, with an Australian owner who previously brewed in Paris before opening in Södermalm. The coffee here is of the highest quality!



Stockholmers don't make it only by coffee - of course we love wine as well. There are so many choices right now, with wine bars popping up all over the town like mushrooms. I have a few favorites for sure, places where I find amazing wine and great staff, where you will feel instantly welcome whether you are a novice or an expert. Or something in between.

Grus Grus

It really is a place with something for everyone, whether you are conventional, traditional or more of a nontraditionalist wine drinker: this is for you!

Tyge and Sessil

Opened by famed chef and restaurateur Niklas Ekstedt, there is a strict natural wine policy; this is for the wine lover who prefers his or her wine made in an amphora. The place is always buzzing and sommelier Maximilian Mellfors has truly created a wine list with the best of both new and old-world rarities.


This little gem on a calm street in a nontrendy part of town is truly a great hideout. With its carefully selected wines, amazing saké and good beers it is truly worth a visit. And it's not to hard to spend a long night.

Savant Bar

Almost in the city center you will find this relatively new little wine bar. Marcus has created a haven for lovers of great wines from around the world, some of them relatively rare. He also serves by the glass! Go and treat yourself.



Yes, also beer, just because. If you are a beer lover there are a plethora of different places to hang out at.


For the truly nerdy, amazing array of hard-to-find sours and lambic ales, and of course their own limited beers. Here you will feel truly at home with the other beer aficionados but also fit right in even if you only want a tasty lager.

Omnipollos Hatt

Henok Fentie makes beer for everyone, but mostly for the more adventurous. This little microbrewery in the heart of Södermalm makes beer that makes you think, and hopefully drink. Why not try the Elsa next time you stop by? It is a sour make with acai, goji and blueberries.

Omnipollo Flora

Of course there has to be a beer garden on the list. Omnipollo Hatt has moved in the city center and charms even the most stubborn pilsner drinker. Come enjoy the sun and why not a pitcher of AON, a vanilla-soaked French toast imperial stout.



Yes. Cocktails that tickle your fancy. There is a myriad of places in town as the bar scene with specialty cocktails has been booming for quite some time. 

Bar Hommage

in this little gem of a cocktail bar the drinks almost have a spiritual feel; they are carefully selected to fit perfectly with the food and deliver the experience of a very interesting dinner. Find your favorite amongst the many signature cocktails named after the streets of Stockholm.


Here you can hang out in the true former working-class area of Hornstull, and enjoy the savoir-faire of their talented and hardworking bartenders. Don't leave before you try their Passionfruit Negroni Shakerato!

Cadier Bar

And of course there has to be something for the hotel bar aficionado. The Cadier Bar in the famous Grand Hotel recently went under a makeover, but is still keeping its air of luxury and comfort. Sit in their big velvety chairs and enjoy a world-class cocktail prepared by some of the best bartenders in Sweden.

Now you are all set. Get out there and get your drink on!

Omnipollos Flora.

Omnipollos Flora.



Grus Grus.

Grus Grus.

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