Photographer, Writer
Architecture, Hotels & Escapes, Interviews
As a photographer and journalist I have documented many projects for NGO rsquo;s, charities and idealistic organizations.  Throughout the years I have also passionately produced travel and interior reportages for magazines and tourist boards. With my photography and writing I hope to touch something within people, by bringing awareness about what’s often regarded as insignificant or less important. I try to emphasize the beauty of everyday life, the miracles of nature, power and positivity in every individual. 

I am a connector, a storyteller with the skills to find a unique angle to turn stories into actual publications. In my role as (Charity) Media Agent, I connect charities and NGO’s to media contacts, ensuring branding and publications within a variety of magazines. My motto: “Good things come to those who make them happen.” I like to help other people and want to contribute to a better, healthier and more loving world.
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