Brussel Sprouts With Pancetta, Chestnuts and Rosemary

Even the most hardened Brussel sprout hater will fall in love with this recipe. The chestnuts and the pancetta bring both flavor and texture to the sprouts, making it a warm and comforting dish.



For 4 servings

400 g / 14 oz Brussel sprouts

150 g / 5.3 oz cooked chestnuts (roasted or boiled)

150 g / 5.3 oz pancetta, cut into pieces

a few sprigs of fresh rosemary


extra-virgin olive oil


Trim and cut the sprouts into halves. Braise them in some olive oil with the rosemary and a little salt until they are tender. You can add a little water in the beginning if you want. 

Chop or crumble the chestnuts roughly, and add them to the Brussel sprouts together with the pancetta. Continue cooking until the pancetta is crispy.

Serve on rice or couscous.

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