Sweet Labneh with Honeycomb, Cocoa Nibs and Edible Flowers

Labneh, the Middle Eastern strained yogurt dish is given a twist. Prepared with honey, it's perfect for dessert or as a light snack with crackers. Its honeycomb, edible flowers and cocoa nibs topping will make quite a spectacular entry onto any dessert boards. 



500 g yogurt (goat, sheep or cow)
a small pinch of salt
1 tbsp honey


cocoa nibs
edible flowers


Mix the yogurt with the salt. Strain in a cheesecloth and keep it inside the fridge for 24 to 36 hours. Once drained, discard the whey (tip: freeze it and then you can add it to pizza or bread dough). Add the honey and stir.

Serve topped with cocoa nibs, berries, bee pollen, honeycomb, edible flowers or anything that takes your fancy.

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Elodie is a food stylist and photographer based in Singapore. With a background in History of Art and Culinary Arts while living in France and the UK and a love for food, she has turned a passion into a job working with international and local brands (she calls hersef lucky). Her debut cookbook "Kitchen Stories" was published in 2015.
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