Parsley and Lemon Chicken

Parsley, or prezzemolo as it is called in Italian, is ever-present in Italian cooking. Few are the dishes that don't have a whiff of parsley in them. Here we have paired it with lemon and chicken, a classic combination.



For 4 servings 

500-600 g / 1.1-1.3 lb chicken, thighs, clubs and/or breasts 

1 big bunch of parsley, about 4-5 tbsp when chopped 

3-4 thick slices of lemon 

1 small onion 

1 clove of garlic 


black pepper

3-4 tbs extra-virgin olive oil 


Put the chicken pieces in a bowl. Chop the parsley, the onion and the garlic finely or run them in a blender.

Quarter the lemon slices and mix these, salt, pepper and the parsley mix with olive oil, and add it to the chicken.

Stir well before covering the bowl and putting it in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours. If you remember, stir now and then.

Take the bowl out of the fridge to warm up the chicken to room temperature and then fry it in olive oil until golden and completely cooked. Serve with rice.  

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