Mia Litström
Photographer, Writer
Accessories, Automotive, Accessories

Cars, watches and horses are my true passions in life. All three have interesting and beautiful stories to tell.

I rsquo;m a freelance writer and photographer that loves to explore the world about watches, especially the high watchmaking often named Haute Horlogerie. The craftmanship and history are amazing and the more you learn about the more you admire the art of watchmaking. 

I have also been writing about automotive for many years and the journey started with the Camel Trophy a long time ago. Cars is not only a creation you need to drive from a to b. There is so much more. Design, performance, the emotion, materials, fuel efficient, it is all about completeness. Cars are fashion today and we love them in different ways. The car business does produce so many models todays so there is a car for everybody and I love that. 

Horses are amazing animals. They are so strong and magnificent and have become my absolute passion. I fell in love with them the first time I saw one, this was before I took my first steps as a very young child. They are so fascinating and I value very high to be able to take pictures of them and watch the communication they have among each other and us humans. 

I am regularly out on testdrives and cover very carefully the fantastic world of watches. I go to the fair in Geneva Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie and the Basel world and do of course visit the production places in the heart of Swiss Jura mountains. 

Breitling Avenger Swiss Air Force Team Limited Edition, made in 550 copies.
Breitling Avenger Swiss Air Force Team Limited Edition 550 exemplar.
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