James Holm
Photographer, Writer

I started my photo career when skateboarding. My friend and I liked to take pictures of each other doing tricks. Before I knew it, I was working with Swedish skateboard magazines. After a couple of years in art and photography schools, I established my company, James Holm Fotograf.

My venture into working with snowboarding was small, but big in another way. At that time, skateboarding was heavily influenced by the punk scene, and I became tired of the attitude of not caring about good weather when we were out traveling. That was something snowboarders knew about: When the sun is shining, you are out there doing it. Eventually, I got back to my roots in skateboarding.

Another thing I have always been into is lifestyle portraits. I like to come to a place that I never have been to before and then try to find the best thing about it, and put the person in an interesting situation.

After getting my driving licence, I developed a strong interest in cars, and this has been another one of my prime subjects. I think my job is to always work with things I enjoy. I see myself as a photographer within the segment of action photos, cars and lifestyle portraits.

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