James Holm
Photographer, Writer

James Holm has been working as a photographer since the mid 90´s. His photography area has always been influenced by his interests in life. It started with skateboarding where he grove his name in Sweden and then moved on to snowboarding contributing to the biggest magazines around the world and the search for the endless winter. After hundreds of travel days in winter landscapes 


James interest for cars started early through his dad, Bengt Ason Holm, who was an author, editor and photographer producing books about cars when James was young. James got the chance to join his dad to the famous car factories in Italy and England during the production of the books. 


When James took his driver’s license his interest for cars grow even bigger since he always loved the feeling of speed and control whether it was on a skateboard, snowboard or in a car. One of James favorite places to drive is the demanding and classic Nürburgring in Germany where James has spent a lot of time. 


In the beginning James only took photos of the cars being driven by the journalists for the articles. But as time changed and James noticed that the journalists started taking more and more pictures by them selfs he started to write articles for his pictures. This ended up being a very good thing to do and now James was self sufficient and able to do everything on his own which brought him to where he is  today with soon reaching 400 articles in his archives. 

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