Caroline Olavarrieta
High Fashion & Designers

I choose life over lawnmowers! 

Born in Santiago nbsp;Chile to a socialist mother during the dictatorship of Pinochet, raised in the bustling yet turbulent Joburg, returned to scenic Cape Town after the cosmopolitan lifestyle of London, now living between the two local cities to appreciate the best of both worlds! Though "where is next" is the question on my mind. 

My career started as a Fashion Design Graduate before being drawn into the dynamic world of fashion styling in London, which appealed to my wanderlust, intrigue in cultural diversity and various design mediums. Steadily progressing towards art and creative direction after many years in local and international advertising, celebrity and editorial styling with the latest work published in Italian Vogue Online. 

The love of electronic influenced music, Joburg street culture, molecular style food, curated interiors and exciting architecture, drew me into a new venture which is an ongoing partnership with an Asian inspired pop-up eatery.