It all starts here

We’re all short on time and overwhelmed by the abundance of content on the web. We want the most interesting stories that speak to us, available at our fingertips.

The market for magazine content, worth $78 billion, is currently undergoing a massive disruption, on par with the music industry in the early 2000s.

Enliven is an AI-driven media platform that allows readers to subscribe to topics and people who produce beautiful relevant to them. Delivering a highly personalized feed of premium editorial content at half the price, it has been called the “Spotify for magazine content” by investors and experts from the Swedish publishing industry.

Our experienced team has a track record of building media startups and launching global growth companies. Last fall, we launched our MVP and have seen massive growth.

We are a relatively small team but are on the constant lookout for motivated and talented people who want to be a part of our quest in changing the global landscape for media and publishing.

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