Vision: to enable you to reach new audiences and create fantastic, inspiring editorials.

Build your brand and connect directly with a large global audience.


70% of all our revenue goes directly to our contributors.


It's your creative work - why give it away?

Build Your Brand

Build your brand – connect to a global audience

Are you passionate about a lifestyle topic? Do you want to create articles, columns, look books, etc. that inspire others? Then ENLIVEN is the platform for you.

Building your personal brand and reach has never been as hard, or as important as it is right now. We want to help you reach the right audiences by creating a stellar publishing platform.

This is a classic “win-win”. Without great contributors, ENLIVEN would be nothing. Join now and we will help you and set a new standard in the industry!

You are the Talent!

We share the revenue. Did we mention, you get 70%!

Like all other industries, publishing is a talent business. So why are gifted people paid so little, with most of the money being spent on overpaid publishing executives, fancy headquarters, and shareholder profits?

You are the talent! By building a new publishing model, contributors will get 70% of all ENLIVEN revenues (mainly through premium subscriptions, affiliate marketing, and native ads).

ENLIVEN has the vision of being the best paying publishing platform in the world. Sure, just like Spotify and other pioneers, it will take some time, but working as a team we will get there together.

Retain Your Copyrights

It's your creative work - why give it away?

Whether it's an “evergreen” previously published editorial or a fresh editorial that you are publishing for the first time, you will retain all copyright to your material. If you find greener pastures, you are totally free to remove it from ENLIVEN at any time.

We believe that you should be able to make money from your creative work on multiple platforms, thereby creating many separate revenue streams to compensate your talents.

You are the heart of all of it. ENLIVEN, along with Instagram, blog portals, Vimeo, and other popular channels, is just an enabler. Find the platforms that bring your creative work to the right crowd and roll with it.