It’s a talent

Why are so many talented and creative people getting such a small piece of the pie in today's publishing and media?

Publishing houses leave you with little compensation, and it's all down hill from here. To run your own digital platform you need ninja skills in social media, distribution, monetization… and it's a full-time gig.

Enliven merges the best from traditional publishing, cutting-edge technology, and "platform-thinking", leaving more time for you to be creative and making money from your premium articles.


of all revenue shared
between our creatives
based on monthly readership.


  • Create and publish fantastic articles within your field of expertise.
  • Editors help you make them magic.


we keep to offer
a great service to you


  • Provide a state-of-the-art publishing distribution platform
  • Translate your articles for greater reach
  • Do massive social media marketing
  • Distribute via app/web and key platforms
  • Monetize your articles
  • Transfer earnings to bank account each quarter

A premium product

Consumers today expect a personalized experience at their fingertips — many are willing to pay for premium articles and content.

Our aim is to collaborate with some of the world’s best writers, stylists, photographers, experts and personal brands to deliver a highly personalized and premium editorial product.

Though early-stage, Enliven has attracted massive interest for its business model and managed to recruit top lifestyle journalists, stylists and photographers.

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Make money

We share the revenue – you get 70%!

Like all other industries, publishing is a talent business. Why is it then that so many gifted people are paid so little, and most of the money ends up with over-paid publishing executives, fancy headquarters and shareholder profits?

Why is Enliven for you?

#make money

Use Enliven as your publishing platform - we will match your articles with a global audience - 70% of Enliven’s revenue is shared between creatives

#build your brand

In a global and highly competitive marketplace it has never been more important to position yourself, building your personal brand.

#maximize profit per article

Maximize your profit from each article you create utilizing both publishers and platforms e.g. sell your article to a local publisher then use Enliven for global distribution and monetization.

#keep your copyrights

Why should someonelse own your creative work? On Enliven you are in control and can move, edit, republish your work wherever your want.

#readers worldwide

Using our translation engine and local editors we will translate your articles into multiple languages and distribute them to the most relevant markets and subscribers

#focus on being creative

We take care of the boring stuff - distribution, monetization, social media, and administration. Money earned will be deposited to your bank account each quarter

#republish your old articles

Are your already published "evergreens" collecting dust in the drawer? Why not republish them on Enliven - we are sure there are many who haven’t read them yet!

#build your digital space

Which platforms are most relevant for you? Tired of running your own blog, or feeling limited when telling a story on Instagram? Then maybe Enliven is for you.

#gain a global audience

It has never been easier to connect and engage with an global audience that likes what you do!

We’re going places!

We’re going places!