Just for you

We are all short on time and want the most relevant and inspiring articles at our fingertips.

Most of what we find online isn’t really great; paying $8-10 for a magazine just feels less and less atractive.

What if you could get an unlimited supply of premium lifestyle articles personalized to you while gaining access to some of the world’s most inspiring creatives, experts and personal brands? Enliven merges the best from the glossy premium magazines and social media.


Personalized for you

All of us today expect a personalized experience delivered at our fingertips, and many of us are willing to pay for premium articles and content.

Our aim is to collaborate with some of the world’s best journalists, stylists, photographers, experts and personal brands, to deliver a highly personalized and premium editorial product.

Though early-stage and invite-only, Enliven has attracted massive interest for its business model and managed to recruit top lifestyle journalists, stylists and photographers for our upcoming beta.

A platform built for you

Clicking through multiple sites & blogs

Personalized just for you


Premium articles & content

Pop-ups & banner ads

Pay a few euros/month

Generic layout

Engaging reading experience

Sébastien Boudet

Connect with the world’s most creative people

Gain access to the world’s most respected freelance creatives, experts and personal brands, who create inspiring articles just for you.

Follow all the topics and styles that interest and inspire you

We will continously find new articles and topics to add to your personal mix.


We are in beta