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The ENLIVEN story started in Southern France in the summer of 2015 when we realized that glossy print magazines were losing their appeal. The blogosphere and social media don’t meet our high expectations. We wanted something else – we wanted more.

We all draw inspiration from our interests and hobbies, but unfortunately the Internet is flooded with uninspired content and clickbait – who has the time? We wanted a curated selection of lifestyle articles and contributors personalized just for us.

That’s why we created ENLIVEN, for you.

ENLIVEN offers a personalized lifestyle platform where you can follow and share your favorite topics, styles and creatives.

You can follow and interact with your favorite stylists, writers, photographers, decorators, experts, and columnists who challenge and inspire you.

“ENLIVEN is all about enriching your life”

For our contributors: ENLIVEN is the publishing platform that connects you directly with readers and other contributors.

Together we create inspiring articles within our favorite topics, marrying fantastic photography or video footage and styling with great writing. Whether it's mountain climbing, literature, or interior design, our vision is to be not only one of your primary revenue channels, but also a fantastic marketing platform for you and your personal brand.

We hope we have inspired you, and we look forward to getting your feedback! Learn more about becoming a contributor here, and be sure to check out our FAQ.

Daniel & Peter

Co-founders of ENLIVEN