Why are so many talented and creative people getting such a small piece of the pie in today’s publishing and media?

To run your own digital platform you need ninja skills in social media, distribution, monetization… and it’s a full- time gig.



  • What is Enliven?dropdown caret

    Long story short, we all have drastically changed how we consume media. Unfortunately, most online and print magazine publishers have failed to understand this shift and are slowly. Many will soon disappear. Social media does not pay. In order to run your own digital platform, you need ninja skills in online marketing, distribution, monetization… and it’s a full-time gig.

    However, it is our firm belief that the big winners in the 21st century will be talented creatives. This is why we built Enliven as an invite-only, premium publishing platform where all revenue is shared 70/30 in favor of creatives. If you like, a Spotify for premium editorial lifestyle articles.

  • Why should I join?dropdown caret

    There are multiple answers to this question. For some of our creatives, earning an income from editorials is in important part of their income; others view it as an creative outlet and an opportunity to connect and expose their brand to a wider audience.

    All who join share our vision that the magazine concept, both online and offline, needs to be changed at its core and that Enliven has a vision that appeals to them.

  • Can anyone publish on Enliven?dropdown caret

    No, Enliven is a curated media platform where we reserve the right to invite the creatives that we think meet our quality standards. Another key criterium is the input we get from our readers as to what type of editorial content they consume and want.

    In the end, judging creative work is always subjective, but we try to be as fair as possible. Please reach out to us here if you are interested in Enliven.

  • How do I join Enliven?dropdown caret

    The easiest way to get in contact with us.

  • How do I know if Enliven is the right publishing platform for me?dropdown caret

    We want to create a platform that rewards quality and showcases some of the world’s most creative, inspiring and talented professional content creators. If you’re a passionate photographer, writer, stylist, expert and/or personal brand who wants to connect to a discerning audience, and you who want to focus more on creativity and insights and less on driving clicks, then we hope you’ll join us.

  • How about my copyrights?dropdown caret

    As an Enliven creative, you own all the rights to the content you publish on Enliven.

    By submitting your articles or media (i.e. text, photos, videos, podcasts, comments and any other assets) to Enliven, you give us a non-exclusive license to publish them on all digital platforms associated with Enliven. This, in simple terms, means that you give us the right to monetize your articles, but you also have the right to publish them elsewhere.